As a general dentist, Dr. Ayyubi offers patients a complete suite of general dental services, including orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment helps to alleviate:

  • Overly crowded teeth, giving each tooth enough space to thrive,
  • Widely spaced teeth, sometimes resulting from missing teeth,
  • Misalignment of the upper and lower jaws (also know as a crossbite),
  • Overbite (when the upper teeth extend far over the lower teeth), and
  • Underbite (when the lower teeth protrude past the upper teeth).

Not only do these conditions detract from the appearance of your smile or your facial structure, they also can cause other problems. Crowded teeth, for example, are more likely to develop cavities since food can become trapped between them. An underbite or an overbite can result in jaw pain and joint problems.

Orthodontics is not just about vanity — it’s an important part of your overall oral health, just as cleanings, fillings, crowns, and implants are.

Tools of the Trade

Accord Dental offers two effective orthodontic treatments to correct alignment.

Six Month Smile. Patients treated with this system have very thin, tooth-colored wires applied only to teeth that are visible when they smile. The wires discretely shift these teeth into alignment, in about 6 to 9 months. The process is faster, because it only deals with straightning & repositioning of mainly front teeth.

Invisalign. Patients treated with this system are fitted with clear, custom-made aligners designed to shift teeth into position over time. Every couple of weeks, patients switch out their aligners. Each aligner has a slightly different measurement than the proceeding one, so they slowly and steadily reposition the teeth.

If you are interested in effective, affordable orthodontic treatment,Dr. Ayyubi will discuss your options with you so you can decide how to proceed.

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