Dental Implants

Filling the Void

There are several reasons why you might be missing teeth. You may have had teeth extracted because they became too damaged due to trauma or decay. Maybe you were just born without a complete set of teeth. Dental implants literally “fill the void” and restore your smile. Implants are natural-looking artificial teeth that are firmly anchored into your jaw bone and function like natural teeth.

Why Implants Help

Regardless of why you may be missing teeth, odds are that you are at least a bit uncomfortable with your incomplete smile. But cosmetic improvement is not the only benefit of dental implants. Missing teeth can throw off the alignment of your existing teeth. Depending on the location of the missing tooth, its absence may even impair your ability to talk or eat.
Another major benefit of dental implants is that when they are implanted into the jaw, they encourage the continued delivery of critical nutrients to your jaw bone. When a tooth is not present, the body senses it and stops delivering nutrients like calcium and phosphorous to that spot. Even though an implant is just a space holder, the body senses its presence and continues depositing the minerals critical to bone health.

How the Implant is Attached

A dental implant comprises two pieces — an implant post, and the restoration.Dr. Ayyubi will guide you and refer you to one of best oral surgeon to get your implant post placed. Upon request and/or Oral Surgeon’s clinical judgement,you might be sedated during your visit so you are comfortable while oral surgeon secures the implant post.First, Oral Surgeon secures the implant post into your jawbone, in the socket existing from the missing tooth. After the post has had a chance to heal and fully integrate with the jawbone, Dr. Ayyubi will attach the restoration. This is the visible portion that looks like a natural tooth, and has been custom made for your mouth.

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Dental Implants: What to Expect