Children’s Dentistry

Treating Kids with Kid Gloves

Few adults truly look forward to visiting the dentist — even the most self-assured grown-ups can experience a twinge of anxiety while sitting in the waiting room wondering what the dentist and hygienist might discover in their mouths.

The anxiety level for most children tends to be much higher. Dr. Ayyubi and the entire Accord Dental team understand that treating kids takes a unique approach. We approach our youngest patients with an abundance of patience, and we let their unique personalities guide how we approach them. Some kids are inquisitive — we keep them occupied by explaining what’s happening. Others are shy — we try to put them at ease with a calm and quiet approach.

A Preventive Approach to Children’s Dentistry

Especially when treating children, Dr. Ayyubi is a firm believer in preventive dentistry. If kids establish good oral hygiene habits early, they can avoid the need for unpleasant and expensive treatments later on. Dr. Ayyubi and his staff use humor and a patient approach to teach kids how to properly brush and floss their teeth, and why it is so important to do so regularly. Often, he will prescribe fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth and/or dental sealants that act as a barrier between decay-causing materials and the tooth surface. In some cases, he will determine that a child can benefit from a space maintainer. Applying a spacer may minimize or prevent the need for future orthodontic treatment.


When cavities do arise in children, Dr. Ayyubi can treat them with amalgum or white fillings or in extreme cases, with white crowns or with a baby root canal. Whatever treatment that your child may need, rest assured that the entire Accord Dental team will do whatever they can to keep him or her comfortable, relaxed, and unafraid. Very Often, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is used to lower a child’s anxiety level upon request or whenever its necessary during treatment.
Of course, there is a reward for their bravery … a trip to the treasure box!

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