Emergency Dentistry

When accidents happen, they’re not planned and they’re usually not convenient. When you have a dental emergency, Accord Dental is committed to getting you in to see Dr. Ayyubi as quickly as possible. Often, time is of the essence and the quicker you can get in and be seen, the better the outcome will be. Even if you have never been seen by Dr. Ayyubi before, do not hesitate to contact us in the event of a dental emergency. We are here to help and committed to your oral health.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Here are some examples of situations that we consider emergencies, and that warrant an immediate call to our office:

  • Your tooth chips, cracks, or falls out as a result of a trauma to the face
  • Your dental implant comes out
  • Your filling falls out
  • You experience extreme tooth pain
  • Your mouth or gums become swollen and are tender to the touch

Even though you may be tempted to put off a dental visit, don’t. Sometimes if we see patients quickly, we can salvage a natural tooth that falls out or is damaged.

What You Can Do Immediately after an Accident

If you have or witness someone have a tooth knocked out, the first thing you should do is try to locate the tooth. If you can find it, place it in a container of milk or salt water, and bring it with you to the dentist.
If the gums are bleeding, insert gauze or a cloth on the injury and apply gentle pressure. Once the bleeding has subsided, gently rinse the mouth with warm water. Avoid using a straw, as that could dislodge the clotting from the injury, and cause the bleeding to resume.

Call us Today — We’ll Give You Reason to Smile

Whether your teeth are causing you discomfort or you simply want to have a more beautiful smile, Accord Dental is your one-stop-shop for all of your dental needs. Dr. Ayyubi and his caring staff will put you at ease every step of the way. Serving patients in and around Modesto, Riverbank, Ceres, Turlock, Ripon, and Salida, we look forward to treating you. Call Accord Dental today at (209) 809-4444 to schedule an appointment.