Dental Implant FAQs

Can I eat foods like apples and raw carrots with dental implants? Or will that cause the implant to come out?

Dental implants are secured into place in your jaw with a metal (titanium) post. Arguably, implants are attached to your jaw more firmly than your natural teeth! Once they are firmly in place, they are not likely to go anywhere unless the dentist removes them. So don’t worry about your implants falling out or becoming loose – any food that you can safely eat with your natural teeth, you can safely eat with your implants.

I already have an implant – I’ve had it for several years. It has become discolored over time. Can Dr. Ayyubi do anything about that?

Absolutely. Dr. Ayyubi also provides implant restoration services. Dr. Ayyubi can remove your discolored artificial tooth from the implant post, restore it to its initial beauty, and then reattach it to your implant post.

Will I feel pain having something attached to my jawbone?

Dr. Ayyubi will refer you to one of best oral surgeon to get your implant post placed.As with most invasive dental procedures, before Oral Surgeon begins the procedure,upon request &/or based of his clinical judgement, he will thoroughly sedate you before placing implant post. You might feel a bit of minor soreness immediately after the post is placed, but that will wear off in time. Before long, your implant will feel as normal as your natural teeth.

Will people be able to tell I have a fake tooth?

Not unless you tell them — or they are dentists. The artificial tooth attached to the implant post will be custom made to match the shape, size, and color of your existing teeth.

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