Sedation Dentistry FAQs

If I have to be sedated for a dental visit, will I really be asleep?

No. Even though you will feel very relaxed and a bit like you are in a dreamlike state, you’ll actually be fully conscious, able to respond to commands, and able to answer questions.

Why is nitrous oxide called laughing gas?

That’s a great question! Don’t worry … if Dr. Ayyubi recommends nitrous oxide to calm your nerves during a dental procedure, it won’t cause you to giggle through your dental visit. (If it did, imagine what it would sound like in the treatment area!) The “laughing gas” nickname came about because the gas relaxes patients and makes them feel happy, sometimes even giddy — giddy, happy people laugh a lot.

I’m kind of reluctant to take pills. How do I know that these “benzos” will be safe to take?

Not every dentist practices oral sedation dentistry, because in order to do so a dentist must have a special certification that allows him or her to. Dr. Ayyubi possesses this certification, meaning that he has completed courses specifically geared around the effects of these medications. Before prescribing any medication, he will review your medical history and make sure that there are no contraindications or dangerous drug interactions. He will prescribe the lowest effective dosage and monitor you thoroughly throughout the procedure. The safety of our patients comes before all else, and Dr. Ayyubi will never do anything to jeopardize it.
If you are overly concerned about taking oral conscious sedation, inhaled nitrous oxide sedation may be a viable alternative. Just ask!

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