Emergency Dentistry FAQs

My son just started playing competitive hockey — I’ve seen other players’ teeth get knocked out. If that happens to him, what should I do?

In hockey, as well as all other contact sports, make sure that your son is wearing a good athletic mouth guard to protect his teeth. Dr. Ayyubi can give you more information about these preventive dentistry items. Hopefully that will protect your son’s teeth. But if something does happen, first apply gentle pressure to stop the bleeding. Look inside the mouth and remove any tooth fragments. Find the tooth that came out, and store it in milk or warm saltwater. Then call our office right away for an emergency appointment.

Is it possible to reattach a tooth that is knocked out?

Yes … it’s possible, but not always practical. It depends on the condition of the tooth and the tooth socket. Time is of the essence though, so if your permanent tooth is knocked out, call our office right away.

Is a chipped tooth considered a dental emergency? What about a filling that comes loose? I don’t want to bother you with an urgent phone call unless I really need to.

First, be assured that we are never too busy for our patients and you will never be a “bother” to us. So don’t ever hesitate to call us if you’re not sure whether or not you need to be seen right away, or if it is OK to wait. In our opinion, a dental emergency is anything that causes you extreme pain or discomfort or that poses an immediate threat to your dental health. Definitely call us if you experience trauma to the mouth that results in pain, bleeding, or a loose or missing tooth. Another example of a dental emergency is an unbearable toothache that is accompanied by a fever. If you chip a tooth or lose a filling, but have no pain associated with that, go ahead and call us. We may recommend that you come in immediately, or we may decide that you can schedule an appointment in the next couple of days. Each case is different, but we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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