Children’s Dentistry FAQs

We are about to schedule our son’s first dental visit. Whenever we talk about it, he becomes very anxious and scared. Do you have any suggestions for how we can make the first visit go smoothly?

Often, kids who are scared of the dentist are scared because they don’t know what to expect. It may be helpful to pick up a children’s book that talks about going to the dentist. Make sure that it has plenty of illustrations or photos, so you can point out the types of equipment and tools your son can expect to see during his visit. Also, have him talk to other kids his age who have been to the dentist so they can tell him that it isn’t scary. (Of course, first make sure that their dental visits were positive ones.)

What types of preventive treatments do you offer for kids?

The most common ways to prevent cavities in kids, besides regular brushing and flossing at home, includes sealants and fluoride. Dental sealants are painted onto the tooth surface, and serve as a barrier between decay-causing materials and the tooth. For fluoride treatments, we can provide fluoridated mouth rinses or a topical fluoride paste treatment. If your child grinds his teeth, we also can create a mouth guard to prevent damage.

Why should I take my children to your practice, and not a children’s dentist?

Children’s dentists treat only children. Our practice does most of the things a children’s dental practice does — plus a whole lot more. As your kids age, they may be embarrassed going to a dentist whose waiting room is full of small children. Trusting one dentist for all of your general family dentistry needs is not only convenient, but it helps your family and the dental team get to know one another better. When all parties are relaxed and comfortable with one another, that’s beneficial to your long-term care. Dr. Ayyubi is committed to this holistic approach.In some instances, based on Dr. Ayyubi’s clinical judgement, we will guide you to go to Children’s specialist( Pedodontist) to finish you kids treatment.

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